Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dora & Anna Leisure Military Boys

Thanks to Mariah Allen here is a news article showing Dora & Anna Leisure's seven sons who served in WWII. Below the picture is a little more information about the individuals.

Max Fredrick Leisure 31 May 1918-26 Feb 1945 KIA in WW II
Max married twice no children. His 2nd wife had children from her 1st marriage
1st marriage Anna DUDLEY married 10 Sep 1938
2nd marriage Edith BINION married 1 Jun 1943
Hugh Alexander Leisure 23 Jul 1914-25 Sep 1953
Married Edith Hicks
No children
Hal Dora  "Ben" Leisure 6 Nov 1915-14 Jun 1986
Married Evelyn M GORDEN 30 Sep 1946
Had one son Hal Jr
Ross Liburn Leisure living
Mellis Grant Leisure 18 Dec 1922-5 Mar 1945 KIA in WW II
Orie Amos Leisure living
Robert Lynn "Bob" Leisure  13 Dec 1919-24 Oct 1989 POW in WWII from 19 Dec 1944-12 May 1945 married Helena Mary Snyder 1 Oct 1943 had two children.
Dora Roscoe "Dode" Leisure and Anna Vina West married 24 Dec 1905 they were the parents of 13 children

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