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Joseph Leisure and Slavery

Check out How My Hopes Were Dashed to learn what I learned in Kentucky about Joseph Leisure.

"Betsy" Montgomery Leisure Protects Her Property

Check out My Genealogy Pondering to see a transcription of how Betsy Leisure protected the estate left to her by Joseph prior to her second marriage. She was a smart cookie!!

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More About Rachel (Leisure) Pierce

In my previous post for a Surname Saturday , I raised some questions about Rachel (Leisure) Pierce. Since my journey to Garrard County, Kentucky, I've learned a bit more and am happy to share.

What I know about Rachel Leisure:

  • Rachel Leasure married Alfred Pierce in Garrard County, Kentucky on 12 Feb 1824.[i]
  • Rachel Pearce is named as daughter and heir in Joseph Lasure will written Oct 1835 and probated in July Court 1838.[ii]
  • Rachael Pearce is found in the 1850 census in the 1st division in Garrard County, Kentucky. She is listed as age 41 with $40 value of real estate. With her are most probably her children; Will H age 24, Almira J age 22, and Amanda G age 16. There is no indication of marital status but most likely Alfred died sometime after 1834 and before 1838.[iii]
  • R. R. Pierce is found in the 1860 census in the Lancaster post office area, Garrard County, Kentucky. She is listed as age 50. She is living in the David Baker household. (“Mandy” aka Amanda Pearce married David Baker 21 Apr 1851 in Garrard County according to Family Search database Kentucky Marriages, 1785-1979, Index; Indexing project MO1079-7; source film 183256; reference 1040 p55).[iv]
  • Rachel R Pierce is found in the 1870 census in Lancaster District No. 3, Garrard County, Kentucky. She is listed as age 58 with $325 value of real estate. With her is the Benjamin Waldrige family. (Almira Jane Pearce married Benjamin Worlledge [sic] 15 Oct 1857 in Garrard County according to Family Search database Kentucky Marriages, 1785-1979, Index; Indexing project M01079-9; source film 183256; reference V7 p259.).[v]
  • Rachael Pearce is found in the 1880 census in Brandy Springs Precinct #1, Garrard County, Kentucky. She is listed as age 75, living alone.[vi]
Based on the ages listed in the census records Rachel was born between 1805 and 1812. Because of the age of her father and probable age of her mother, Rachel, I’m inclined to believe the earlier dates. But then again, Rachel is listed in all the census records as being born in Kentucky. If that is true, then the 1809-1812 dates are more likely as one of her brothers was married in Virginia in the 1804 which places the family still in Virginia at that time and the first records for Joseph in Garrard County is the 1810 census.
I haven’t found a death record for Rachel yet but at least I know she died after 1880.

[i] Marriage License Register, Alfred Pierce and Rachel Leisure, Box 6, bond 1567; Bond and license issued 12 Feb 1824
[ii] Garrard County, KY Will book 1, #391. “Item, at the death of myself and wife [Elizabeth], I give and bequeath my land on which I now live to my daughter, Rachel Pearce, to her own proper use and behold forever.”
[iii] 1850 U.S. census, Garrard County, Kentucky, population schedule, 1st District, page 252A, dwelling 755, family 796, Rachael Pearce household; digital image by subscription, ( : accessed 10 Nov 2012); from National Archives microfilm M432, roll 201.
[iv] 1860 U.S. census, Garrard County, Kentucky, population schedule, , page 44, dwelling 291, family 285, David Baker household; digital image by subscription, ( : accessed 10 Nov 2012); from National Archives microfilm M653, roll 368.
[v] 1870 U.S. census, Garrard County, Kentucky, population schedule, Lancaster District No. 3, page 419, dwelling 278, family 277, Rachel R Pierce household; digital image by subscription, ( : accessed 10 Nov 2012); from National Archives microfilm M593, roll 463.
[vi] 1880 U.S. census, Garrard County, Kentucky, population schedule, Brandy Springs Precinct #1, ED 45, stamped page 551, dwelling 1, family 1, Rachael Pearce household; digital image by subscription, ( : accessed 10 Nov 2012); from National Archives microfilm T9, roll 415.

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Garrard County Kentucky - 1st Install

Well, I’m back from our quick trip to Garrard County, Kentucky where our Leisure family spent many years. I gleaned some new and interesting information as well as confirming other data while searching the files and records found in the local library, the historical society, and the courthouse in Lancaster. There is too much to tell about in one post so as I organize and review everything, I try to pass along the most interesting (to me) and pertinent data to you in small bits.

We spent many hours in the land records. My goal was to find Joseph’s deeds and I think I did find his first purchase; at least it is the oldest deed recorded in Garrard County for him. Because the land in Kentucky was recorded by metes and bounds it’s a bit difficult (again for me) to determine exactly where things are located. To give you an idea, the land description as best I can decipher goes like this:
Garrard County Deed Book G, pages 124, 125
Tyrus Harris to Joseph Leasure for $225.00 – 46 ½ acres
Land Description:
…on the waters of Sugar Creek…bounded as follows {to wit}
Beginning at a white oak and dogwood on Adams line thence N 90 poles to a buckeye and Ironwood on a branch thence up the same with it meander N80 o East 16 poles, S60 o East 55 poles, South 50 o East 26 poles, South 87 o East 34 to two white walnuts at the mouth of a small branch thence up the same S17 o East 18 poles to a buckeye and white walnut on said branch thence division line made by T Harris and Mr. Adams, S62 o W36 poles to a hickory thence said line S70 o W47 poles to a buck thence W42 poles to the Beginning.
As far as I can tell that looks something like this:

Our Nathan also purchased land which I’ll share with you another time.
Another interesting find was the 2nd marriage of Elizabeth Montgomery who was our Joseph’s second wife and how she protected her inheritance from her new husband. Joseph died in 1838 and his will was very specific; Elizabeth remarried in 1842 but not before she put all the land and personal property in trust!
More later, Becky 

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Surname Saturday - Leisure/Leasure Pierce/Pearce

I'm suppose to be on my way home from Kentucky today but the trip had to be postponed to the end of the month.To make the best of things I'm doing as much upfront work as possible. Part of that work is going through every piece of paper accumulated in my Leisure and Kentucky binders and folders over the years and developing questions needing answers. Below you'll find one of my problem relatives:
Rachel Leisure/Leasure, daughter of Joseph and Rachel (Ryan) Leasure, was born about 1791 probably in Virginia. She married Alfred Pierce in Garrard County, Kentucky on 12 Feb 1824. [Kentucky Marriages, 1785-1979, Index (FamilySearch),, Digital Batch M01079-3; Source Film number 183256; reference. Alfred Pierce & Rachel Leasure, Garrard County, Kentucky; 1824.]

Though Joseph and Rachel had eight children, when Joseph’s will was probated in July of 1838, Rachel Pearce is the only child mentioned:
Garrard County, KY Will book 1, #391, October 16, 1835, Joseph Leasure will:
 In the name of God, Amen. I, Joseph Leasure of the County of Garrard and State of Kentucky, being weak and feeble in body, but of sound mind and memory, and being as he conceives and believes, well calculated to dispose of the worldly goods it hath pleased God to help me with, do make and ordain this, my last will and testament, as follows--an first with a grateful heart for the many mercies I have enjoyed, I commend my immortal part to God, my Saviour, humbly imploring his Holyness for protection and my body to the dust from whence it originated, by the Almighty power of God, then to rest in hope and as the worldly goods with which I am blessed, dispose of it as follows: My will is at first that all my just debts, if I owe any, be speedily and promptly paid, after which the whole of my Estate, both real and personal, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth Leasure, during her natural life. Item, at the death of myself and wife, I give and bequeath my land on which I now live to my daughter, Rachel Pearce, to her own proper use and behold forever. Item, my Negro, John, at the death of myself and wife I hereby emancipate and set free. Item, all the rest of estate, both real and personal, except what I have herein given to my daughter aforesaid, at the death of myself and wife as aforesaid, my will and desires is shall be divided into two parts, one merely I give to my daughter, Rachel Pearce and the balance to the legal heirs of my said wife, Elizabeth, and hereby lastly, I ordain and appoint my said beloved Elizabeth my Executrix and my brother William Leasure, Executor, of this, my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I have hereto set my hand and seal this 6th day of October in the year of our Lord 1835.
                       John H. Eason
Garrard County, KY

I certify that the foregoing last will and testament of Joseph Leasure, dec'd.. was produced to Court at the July County Court 1838, and having to be such by the oaths of Alex A. Jennings and John H. Eason subpoenaing thereto, and approved and ordered to be recorded whereupon the same is truly admitted to record. Alex R. McKee, Clerk.
Witnesses--Alex A. Jennings                                                               Jose. X Leasure, his mark *(seal)*

Probably Joseph had given the other children what he deemed their portion of his estate prior to his death. Many of them had moved from Kentucky before he wrote his will in 1835. Also, the “brother” William appointed as executor is more likely Joseph’s son.

  • Does anyone have any other information regarding Alfred Pierce/Pearce?
  • Did he died before 1835? 
  • Did he and Rachel have any children? 
  • Does anyone have Rachel’s death date?

I’m planning to look into Alfred and Rachel when I go to Garrard County at the end of the month, (Hope reigns eternal), but if someone could save me that research time I’d be grateful.

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Looking to Kentucky

It’s been awhile since I last posted so I thought I should let everyone know what’s been going on. I am still working on the manuscript for my Leisure Line book although not a diligently as I should. It seems every time I determine not to do anymore research and just publish what I have something grabs my attention and I’m off and running again.

I decided to begin the Leisure story with Joseph (1733-1838). He is purported to have married Rachel Ryan. Their children were all born between 1771 and 1791 either in Maryland or Virginia but by the late 1790s or early 1800s the family had moved to Garrard County, Kentucky. Realizing I know next to nothing about their lives in Kentucky, I’ve been doing some online digging but so much information is not yet online.
Because I want to learn whatever I can about the family in Kentucky and about what their lives would have been like while they were there, Jim and I are taking a quick research trip in early October. I’m trying to get all my homework done so our time there will be efficiently spent.

Lancaster is the county seat for Garrard and the public library website has a great list of genealogy related holdings. I’m sure they have more than what is posted but having this list ahead of time allows me to set up a research plan. Also in Lancaster is the Garrard County Historical Society which has records too though they are not posted. However even without records, the Historical Society will provide the background for how the family lived.

-- As an aside, the secretary at the Historical Society is related by marriage. My 1st cousins 5x removed, Alexander & Joseph Leasure, married granddaughters of her ggg-grandfather, Timothy Logan.
Small world.

Of course, I’m hoping my visits to the library and Historical Society will lead me to records at the courthouse, as well as cemeteries. I would be so thrilled if I could find the burial site for Joseph and Rachel but I’m trying not to get me hopes up too high.

I’ll report on the trip when I get back. 

Until then, Becky

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Check out my other blog to learn the little I know about Lucinda and Dorinda Fresh.
They have been evading me for years and any help would be appreciated.

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Leisure, Stewart, Ging Gathering ca. 1930

I promised awhile back to post the next in a series of photos I have of the Leisure, Stewart, Ging clan gathering. Finally, here it is. Sorry it's taken so long.

Just click on the link to see the photo.

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Leisure Reunion 2012 Announced

The Family is a link to our past…a bridge to our future”  --  Alex Haley

       The 91st Leisure Reunion will be held on Saturday, June 23, 2012

near Fairmount Indiana at 12:00 noon, EDT.  A delicious meal will be fully catered.  Reservations are required at $12 per adult and $5 for each child 9 years old and younger.  

Leisure/Leasure/Laysure etc.: all invited.

For more information and a reservation application, contact Jane at

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Where I've been Lately

If you've been wondering why there haven't been many posts lately, here's the reason why.

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Eliza Jane (Hinton) Leisure

Check this link for a photo of Eliza Jane (Hinton) Leisure.

She was born in Nicholas County, Kentucky to James Layton Hinton and Elizabeth Kersey. The Hinton's later moved to Rush County, Indiana where Eliza Jane met and married Joseph Leisure, the son of  George Washington Leisure and Lucinda Myers, on 20 January 1859. Together they raised six children; one son died in infancy:

  1. James Wash born 13 Nov 1859 in Rush County; Married Mabelle Sexton on 13 Sep 1881 in Rush County; Died 06 Mar 1909 in Elwood, Madison County, Indiana.
  2. Mary Frances born 26 Oct 1861 in Rush County; Married William Sidney Emay on 12 Sep 1878 in Rush County; Died 22 May 1951 in Hancock County, Indiana.
  3. Lee Wash born 19 Feb 1864 in Rush County; Married Minnie Nantz/Nance 04 Nov 1886 in Mound City, Linn County, Kansas; Married Maude ? before 01 Mar 1905; died 23 May 1961 in Bartlesville, Washington County, Oklahoma.
  4. John P. born 08 Jul 1867 in Rush County; Married Ada Adella Langston on 26 Mar 1891 in Rush County; died 02 Jul 1901 in Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana.
  5. Noah J born in May of 1870 in Howard County, Indiana; Married Hypatia Birt on 16 Feb 1893 in Rush County, Indiana; died 07 Jan 1908 in Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana.
  6. Oliver Carr born 28 Mar 1873 in Rush County; Married Evelina C. Powell on 21 Nov 1893 in Fayette County, Indiana; Died 18 May 1947 in Rush County.

According to Eliza Jane's obituary "Her life was a beautiful one, filled with sweetness, which comes to those who serve the Lord. She died loving and trusting the One who had been her strength and guide so many years. She was a true and devoted wife and a dear and loving mother.."

Anyone who would like the source citations for any of the above mentioned births, marriages, and deaths, please feel free to contact me at

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DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog: 1930 US Census open access

DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog: 1930 US Census open access:

'via Blog this'

Now everyone can access the 1930 census for free from home; at least, through the weekend. Have fun!!

Photo that includes some Rush County Leisures

Check out my other blog for a photo taken about 1922 of a little Rush County gathering of the Leisure, Ging, Stewart, Emay families and the like:)

I've haven't been posting much because I've been busy writing biographies for my Leisure publication. I committed to writing 250 words a day, which I've done, but then the is always a question that comes up that causes me to do some research afterwards. By the time I'm finished, it's time to close up shop. Hopefully, I'll get back to more blogging soon.


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Osburn/Osborn Leisure Connections

Last week cousin Phil Leisure contacted me with some interesting information regarding the connection between the Leisure and Osborn/Osburn/Osborne families. He had noticed Elizabeth Leisure, daughter of George Washington and sister to Nathan J. and Joseph. (Phil is descended from Nathan and I’m from Joseph.) Phil recalled some of the surnames from family deeds he’s kept at the bank.
After looking at the deeds he found “deeded to John Osburn and wife Elizabeth in 1863 from his father Benjamin F (deeded in 1851) who then sold it to son Frank Osburn in 1894. Nathan J. eventually bought it in 1913.” Another tract of land just across from the original went from Benjamin to John in 1862. After John’s death the land was transferred to his children: George, Frank, Joseph, Mary Toole, Ida May Hinds and Jane Snook.
I’ve spent several days trying to tie Benjamin F. and John Osburn/Osborn through census records. My current theory is the Benjamin Osburn of Clermont County, Ohio who purchased 80 acres in Rush County, Indiana from the government at the Indianapolis Land Office (certificate 132623) in 1834 is John’s father but don’ have them together on a census record. This same Benjamin could easily have purchased the land in Grant County in 1851.
Some of my finds are listed below. Where the deeds are mentioned, the information is from Phil.

 References to Benjamin Osburn/Osborn:

  •  Benjamin Osburn of Clermont County, Ohio purchased 80 acres from the government: east ½ of the North West quarter of Section twelve in township 14, north of range 9 east, 12 Aug 1834 – Rush County, Indiana
  •  Benjamin Osburn purchases 80 acre tract on St rd. #13 in 1851 – Grant County, Indiana
  •   Deeded property to son John & wife Elizabeth – 1863 – Grant County, Indiana
  •  Deeded property “across the road” to John & wife – 1862 – Grant county Indiana
  •  1850 Federal Census for Jackson township, Rush County, Indiana (Roll: M432_170; page 557B/558A, of NARA Record Group 29; accessed on 18 Jan 2012) lists a Benjamin Osburn age 26 born in Ohio with wife Elizabeth age 27. He is listed as a Wagon Maker. This couple is living near familiar families: George W & Lucinda Leisure – including our Elizabeth age 7, John & Sarah (Leisure) Price, & Nathan and Sarah (Irvin) Leisure.
  • 1860 Federal Census for Green township, Grant County, Indiana (Roll: M653_261; page 238; accessed on 20 Jan 2012) lists a Benj. P Osborn age 37 born in Ohio with wife Elizabeth age 38 and children Elijah 10, John W. 7, Catharine 6, Dan 4, Wilson 1. He is listed as a Farmer but also in the household is a Soloman R Beara age 67, Mill Wright.
  •  1870 Federal Census for Noble township, Wabash County, Indiana (roll: M593_367, page: 154A; accessed on 20 Jan 2012) lists Benj P Osborn age 45 with wife Elizabeth age 49 and children William age 18, Catharine age 16, and Daniel age 12. Also listed is Catharine Kirtley age 63 [probably Elizabeth’s mother.]

This is probably not The Benjamin Osborn/Osburn we seek. His son, John, age 7 in 1860 could not have married Elizabeth Leisure in 1859. However, this Benjamin could be a brother to the John we seek. 

References to John Osborn/Osburn

·     Deeded property from father, Benjamin  – 1863 – Grant County, Indiana
  • Deeded property “across the road” from father, Benjamin – 1862 – Grant county Indiana
  • John’s deed transferred to children at his death: George, Frank, Joseph, Mary Toole, Ida May Hinds and Jane Snook.
  • 1880 Federal Census for Green township, Grant County, Indiana Roll: 279; Family History Film: 1254279; Page: 432D; Enumeration District: 169; dwelling 33, family 35 (accessed on lists John Osborn age 44  - parents born in Ohio – with wife, Elisabeth, age 37 and children: George age 20, Frank age 17, Mary E. age 14, Joseph age 10, and Idah M [Ida Mae] age 7. [Daughter Jane had married in 1877 to William J. Snook and was also living in Green, Grant, Indiana]
  • 1900 Federal Census for Green township, Grant County, Indiana,  ED 35, sheet 8B; enumerated  18 Jun 1900,(National Archive  Film # T623, roll 373; accessed on 20 Jan 2012).
  •  Dwelling 182, Family 182, lines 64-70 lists John Osburn age 59 with wife Elizabeth age 55; daughter Jane Snook [widow] age 40 with children Alta age 15 and Onrie[?] age 12; and daughter Mary E Tolle [widow] age 34 with daughter Orphie age 10. Everyone listed as born in Indiana. John’s parents listed as born in Ohio and Elizabeth’s parents listed as born in Kentucky.
    Dwelling 183, Family 183, lines 71-74 lists Frank Osburn age 36 with wife Mary E. age 27 with children Mamie B age 8 and Floy age 3 months. All born in Indiana.
  • John’s deed transferred to children at his death: George, Frank, Joseph, Mary Toole, Ida May Hinds and Jane Snook.

We’d love to hear from anyone with addition information or clarification. For now, I have to get back to my work writing about Mary Francis Leisure.

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A New Year and New Goal

I'm hoping this will be the year I publish my Leisure line. To that end, I'm trying to establish a habit of writing/working on this project at least one hour a day, five of seven days. Wish me luck:)

To see the outline I've created to help me write the biography of Mary Frances Leisure, my great-grandmother,  click here. I'm using it to help me know what I have and what I need to get the job done.