Monday, January 23, 2012

Osburn/Osborn Leisure Connections

Last week cousin Phil Leisure contacted me with some interesting information regarding the connection between the Leisure and Osborn/Osburn/Osborne families. He had noticed Elizabeth Leisure, daughter of George Washington and sister to Nathan J. and Joseph. (Phil is descended from Nathan and I’m from Joseph.) Phil recalled some of the surnames from family deeds he’s kept at the bank.
After looking at the deeds he found “deeded to John Osburn and wife Elizabeth in 1863 from his father Benjamin F (deeded in 1851) who then sold it to son Frank Osburn in 1894. Nathan J. eventually bought it in 1913.” Another tract of land just across from the original went from Benjamin to John in 1862. After John’s death the land was transferred to his children: George, Frank, Joseph, Mary Toole, Ida May Hinds and Jane Snook.
I’ve spent several days trying to tie Benjamin F. and John Osburn/Osborn through census records. My current theory is the Benjamin Osburn of Clermont County, Ohio who purchased 80 acres in Rush County, Indiana from the government at the Indianapolis Land Office (certificate 132623) in 1834 is John’s father but don’ have them together on a census record. This same Benjamin could easily have purchased the land in Grant County in 1851.
Some of my finds are listed below. Where the deeds are mentioned, the information is from Phil.

 References to Benjamin Osburn/Osborn:

  •  Benjamin Osburn of Clermont County, Ohio purchased 80 acres from the government: east ½ of the North West quarter of Section twelve in township 14, north of range 9 east, 12 Aug 1834 – Rush County, Indiana
  •  Benjamin Osburn purchases 80 acre tract on St rd. #13 in 1851 – Grant County, Indiana
  •   Deeded property to son John & wife Elizabeth – 1863 – Grant County, Indiana
  •  Deeded property “across the road” to John & wife – 1862 – Grant county Indiana
  •  1850 Federal Census for Jackson township, Rush County, Indiana (Roll: M432_170; page 557B/558A, of NARA Record Group 29; accessed on 18 Jan 2012) lists a Benjamin Osburn age 26 born in Ohio with wife Elizabeth age 27. He is listed as a Wagon Maker. This couple is living near familiar families: George W & Lucinda Leisure – including our Elizabeth age 7, John & Sarah (Leisure) Price, & Nathan and Sarah (Irvin) Leisure.
  • 1860 Federal Census for Green township, Grant County, Indiana (Roll: M653_261; page 238; accessed on 20 Jan 2012) lists a Benj. P Osborn age 37 born in Ohio with wife Elizabeth age 38 and children Elijah 10, John W. 7, Catharine 6, Dan 4, Wilson 1. He is listed as a Farmer but also in the household is a Soloman R Beara age 67, Mill Wright.
  •  1870 Federal Census for Noble township, Wabash County, Indiana (roll: M593_367, page: 154A; accessed on 20 Jan 2012) lists Benj P Osborn age 45 with wife Elizabeth age 49 and children William age 18, Catharine age 16, and Daniel age 12. Also listed is Catharine Kirtley age 63 [probably Elizabeth’s mother.]

This is probably not The Benjamin Osborn/Osburn we seek. His son, John, age 7 in 1860 could not have married Elizabeth Leisure in 1859. However, this Benjamin could be a brother to the John we seek. 

References to John Osborn/Osburn

·     Deeded property from father, Benjamin  – 1863 – Grant County, Indiana
  • Deeded property “across the road” from father, Benjamin – 1862 – Grant county Indiana
  • John’s deed transferred to children at his death: George, Frank, Joseph, Mary Toole, Ida May Hinds and Jane Snook.
  • 1880 Federal Census for Green township, Grant County, Indiana Roll: 279; Family History Film: 1254279; Page: 432D; Enumeration District: 169; dwelling 33, family 35 (accessed on lists John Osborn age 44  - parents born in Ohio – with wife, Elisabeth, age 37 and children: George age 20, Frank age 17, Mary E. age 14, Joseph age 10, and Idah M [Ida Mae] age 7. [Daughter Jane had married in 1877 to William J. Snook and was also living in Green, Grant, Indiana]
  • 1900 Federal Census for Green township, Grant County, Indiana,  ED 35, sheet 8B; enumerated  18 Jun 1900,(National Archive  Film # T623, roll 373; accessed on 20 Jan 2012).
  •  Dwelling 182, Family 182, lines 64-70 lists John Osburn age 59 with wife Elizabeth age 55; daughter Jane Snook [widow] age 40 with children Alta age 15 and Onrie[?] age 12; and daughter Mary E Tolle [widow] age 34 with daughter Orphie age 10. Everyone listed as born in Indiana. John’s parents listed as born in Ohio and Elizabeth’s parents listed as born in Kentucky.
    Dwelling 183, Family 183, lines 71-74 lists Frank Osburn age 36 with wife Mary E. age 27 with children Mamie B age 8 and Floy age 3 months. All born in Indiana.
  • John’s deed transferred to children at his death: George, Frank, Joseph, Mary Toole, Ida May Hinds and Jane Snook.

We’d love to hear from anyone with addition information or clarification. For now, I have to get back to my work writing about Mary Francis Leisure.


  1. Hello there, I am new to your blog and have just begun researching my Leisure line. My grandmother was Francis June Leisure daughter of John Gerald and Rose Alfreda (Purkey) Leisure. Was browsing through some of your old posts and you posed a question wondering why Alva Leisure and family might have moved to Arkansas for a short time. It is odd that I ran into the same situation in Wabash County, Illinois with some family lines down there. I came to learn that there were circuit preachers who were recruiting families to move to a new "Utopia" in Arkansas. They were promising a new better society to their followers and that many families followed them but were soon disappointed and returned to their home states.
    I have also noticed in many websites and databases that there is an error when listing the children of James Washington and Mabel (Sexton) Leisure. Most have a John J. Leisure listed born in Oct 1891 and then a Gerald Leisure born in 1899 and married to Rose Purkey. This is an error. John J should have been John Gerald and there is no Gerald born in 1899. My grandmother was the daughter of John Gerald Leisure and Rose Alfreda Purkey and she has shown me documentation of her father's birth in Oct 1891 in Rush County, Indiana.
    Hope this information is helpful. Robin

  2. Thanks so much, Robin. The Alabama connection is very interesting. I'll have to look into that.

    Thanks also for the information regarding John Gerald. I'm happy to report that my file has him listed correctly:) That's probably because, a few years ago, I created an index of Leisure births in Rush County. John Gerald was born Oct 20, 1891 according to my list.

    We would be happy to hear from you as you do your research. Fresh eyes and family stories are always welcome.