Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nearing the End of a Journey

I'm finally nearing the ending of my Leisure project. I have some final proofing to do and perhaps a thing or two to add but the book is almost ready to publish.

The biographies included thus far are for my direct line: Joseph, Nathan, George Washington, Joseph, Mary Frances "Fanny", Clara Elizabeth "Lizzie", and Earl. I've also included the orphan train rider, William Sidney Emay - Fanny's husband - since I don't know anything about his ancestors.

Of course, there are many genealogy reports, with source citation, which include many of my indirect lines.  I've created a Page on this blog titled Outline Report which includes six generations from Joseph (Sr.) and show the full scope of this project. Any cousin who would like to have a biography of one of these relatives is more than welcome to send it to me at bhiggins9@gmaildotcom. However, time is short as I hope to decide exactly how and where to publish this project within the next month or so.

I hope the final publication will be of help and interest to fellow Leisure family members and genealogists in the future. I'm excited about closing out this project and am already thinking about my next.

~ Becky ~

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