Monday, March 25, 2013

The Max & Margaret Ewing Question Solved

Back in October of 2011, I posted A Marriage Conundrum – Max & Margaret (Leisure) Ewing. The conundrum existed because we had found two marriage records for this couple – one in 1927 and one in 1937. The question was did they divorce between marriages.

Thanks to Mariah Kendall Allen who left comments regard this couple we learned more about the them but still had no confirmation of a divorce. Mariah stated Margaret was her great-aunt and the family story “was Margaret’s dad Dora Roscoe ‘Dode’ Leisure did not like Max William Ewing and Margaret left for a while”. When exactly the separation took place is unknown but thanks again to Mariah for providing the copy of their second marriage license we know they divorced in 1936.

I’m sure that somewhere in the depths of Bartholomew County, Indiana court records the actual divorce file exists. However, for now, I’ll take this as confirmation of this couple's divorce. If the reason for the separation and divorce was the feelings of Margaret’s father, it appears that love won out in the end.

Thanks again, Mariah for the update.



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